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Blog #10: What is (Digital) Literature

After exploring the links on Twitter fiction, and still pondering on the poems from Tottel’s Miscellany, write a 300-500 word blog addressing the following issues:

  1. In what ways has technology changed the ways we read and produce literature? Let’s try to go beyond the idea of reading e-books here and think more broadly about the role of authorship, creativity, audience, and dissemination. Use references to our assigned readings to support your point.
  2. How has technology (and specifically places like Twitter) change how we think about what “counts” as literature (especially canonic literature)? Conversely, what do these practices seem to share in common with the ways Wyatt, Surrey, and their fellow poets were writing?
  3. Name 3 of your favorite Twitter stories and explain why you find them compelling. Have you ever tried to produce something similar?

BONUS: Try your hand at #twitterfiction by writing a 140-character flash-fiction story. Or, if you’re feeling bold, commit a Random Act of Poetry by leaving a bit of Tottel somewhere on campus (take a picture of it and attach it here). Be mindful, of course: do not do anything that would be considered defacing our school or that will leave a permanent mark.

Blogs are due by midnight on Saturday, April 22. Comments on peers’ posts are due by 5pm on Monday, April 24.

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