DT Presentation

Disciplinary Technologies Presentation (150 points)

For this project, you will be responsible for uncovering other ways in which technology research is being taught and created on campus. This assignment will require interviews and conference presentation skills, particularly as you reflect on how those courses represent (or support) the digital humanities. You may work in teams of two for this project.


There are a number of ways to identify a potential professor and/or class for your presentation: maybe you’ve taken a class that used or taught you some kind of technology (as we’ve discussed, we define technology broadly to include the internet, digital tools, hardware and software, as well as media such as television, film, and even electronic writing). Perhaps you’re familiar with classes being offered across departments thanks to your friends at York? You can also check out the York College Bulletin and the list of classes on CUNY First.

Once you’ve identified a specific class/professor, you will want to prepare a few questions to ask the professor teaching it (you can also interview someone you took in a previous semester). You should consider some basic ice-breakers (introduction, description), details about their use of technology (what, how, why), as well as expected results (work from the students; grades; projects) and challenges. Make sure you contact your interviewee ahead of time to ensure the project can be completed as scheduled. You may meet in person (preferable) or send the questions to them via email.


You will present the results of your interview and research to the class, reflecting on whether you think these courses accurately represent what we know so far about Digital Humanities. In addition to introducing us to the course, its goals, and purposes, you will also help assess it: who might want to take this course? What might be some of its biggest challenges? What about its payoffs?

How you prepare this presentation is up to you: you may use tools such as PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google Slides, or you may go outside the box (YouTube, Infographics, animations, etc). Your presentation should last approximately 5-10 minutes and should be carefully prepared and rehearsed. You will be evaluated based on clarity, organization, creativity, and design. Please note that while the technology is up to you, you must use some form of technology in your presentation. Strictly oral presentations without visual/interactive support will automatically lose 15% of the presentation grade.

Grading and Deadlines:

Interview Questions (Week 3): 50 points

Presentation (Week 5): 80 points

Peer Feedback–Poll Everywhere (Week 5): 20 points*

*please note these points include preparing your own questions on Poll Everywhere as well as contributing feedback to other presenters

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