Lecture Notes

May 1


  • If you haven’t sent me the link to your site, the deadline was Saturday. Email it to me ASAP if you want to avoid further penalties.
  • For our final project, be sure you’re accurate when referring to language (this is not “old English” nor is it “ancient”), period (not the 1800s), and names (check proper spelling). Beware of multiple definitions on the OED: think carefully about the one that makes most sense within the context of the poem. Remember sometimes words might be spelled differently.
  • All three bullet-points from your Commonplace book should be fully drafted by no later than midnight Saturday, May 6. Please review the Project Instructions for contents and rubric.
  • Next week: no class– one-on-one conferences. Sign up for a 10 minute slot here (you will need Google Docs app if editing from your phone)
    • During the rest of the week, including our Blog #12, I except you to work on finessing your draft and getting it ready for the final, completed version. You should also be working on your original remix! Remixes are due May 15 and will be presented to the class on May 22.
    • You will also be expected to evaluate each other’s work by posting comments on their website. See Blog #12 for more details.
  • Extra credit presentations?


May Day: Trump Remixes

Read this over; and then look through the videos from this list of remixes.


In context with our Mark Sample article, let’s read this overview from the Atlantic. With these and all our readings in mind, let’s try to define this field we’ve talking about all term…

  • First, break is down for us: which part is Digital, and which part is Humanities? How do each of these terms influence and change one another?
  • Then, looking at the keyword each of you have written, select a few that you think best represent the field, and explain why.
  • Next, what are some types of study that are contained within this umbrella? You may want to look back at what we’ve studies this term to figure this out.
  • Finally, tells us a bit about why this is useful. Why should students learn about DH? What skills does it give them? Why does it matter?

Once you’re done, we’ll discuss your answers and try to come up with a working definition for the course.


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